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Many Restaurants Are in Crisis

Restaurants are the perfect blend of art, passion, and the entrepreneurial spirit. But according to the National Restaurant Association’s 2022 State of the Restaurant industry Report, it will never return to its pre-pandemic state.

Costs are up, visits are down, and labor is harder than ever to find and keep. You, and the entire foodservice industry, are facing big challenges:

  • Competition is fierce to grab a smaller slice of consumer spending
  • Understaffing is limiting your potential
  • Supply chain vendor issues keep piling up. You’re wearing more hats than ever so it’s a struggle to manage your business
  • Constant poaching of your staff by others is taking its toll
  • You’re burning through your finances hoping things will eventually level out

Foodservice Suppliers Also Hit Hard

The struggles don’t stop at restaurant doors.

  • Clients are struggling to pay or are going out of business
  • Rise of remote workplaces has cut into restaurant dining
  • Tighter business budgets have lessened food-supported events
  • Inflation is tightening family dining spend
  • Unreliable supply chains make customer fulfillment difficult
  • Trucking labor bottlenecks make deliveries more difficult and expensive

There’s a Path to Profits

Achieving maximum profits and doing what you love is every owner’s dream. At times, it can get very hard. For restaurants and foodservice, that time is now.

Although business challenges have increased dramatically in the last few years, has your business plan changed to handle the new market reality? Labor, benefits, and operating costs are rising fast. So how do you build your business to maximize profits?

Almost half the businesses we work with do not know their true operating costs. For sustainable profits, you need to know exactly what each hour of labor costs you. Only then can you develop a targeted plan to achieve your personal and business goals.


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